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Locally procured ingredients from our passionate and dedicated artisans. They have all been chosen because they are made by people whose expertise has been honed through slowly-gathered experience. Because perfection can’t be rushed.

  • Wildwood Balsamics

    Wildwoods Five Year Old Barrel Aged Balsamic Blackberry Vinegar & their Heather Blossom Vinegar.

  • Leahy Beekeepers

    Wildflower Honey, Hot Honey & Heather Honey produced in the Sliabh Aughty Mountains, Co. Galway, Ireland.

  • Bertha's Revenge Gin

    Using whey alcohol from the local dairy farmers in Cork, together with their own natural well water and an interesting mix of foraged and sustainably sourced botanicals, Ballyvolane have hand-crafted a gin that highlights the character of Bertha; the longest living cow in Kerry in her prime.

  • Mullingar Pewter Wine Stopper

    Handmade pewter wine stopper, engraved for our collection.

  • Hazel Mountain Salted Honey Hot chocolate

    Sweet treat with a touch of salt,  can be made with regular milk or dairy free milk! Add extra honey, dollop of cream, add some espresso and you're ready to conquer the day!

Kanu Pinotage

Winemakers Tasting Notes:

Crushed red velvet in appearance. Upfront red fruit, seductive spice and velvety tannins gives a definite nod to its Pinot Noir parentage. Ripe plums, berries, hints of earthiness and floral notes round out the pallet. A clear-cut line of acidity keeps the wine fresh and ensures good maturation potential. A touch awkward in its youth, maturity promises elegance and poise.