Our Heritage range is informed, influenced and inspired by the centuries-old Irish craftspeople who have weaved their skills in our culture. We bring you the best of the best.

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The comfort of a turf fire twofold with the bestselling candle from The Home Moment and the Born & Bred incense burner. For the experience of a turf fire no matter where your hearth is. Create an heirloom hat with this kit which is a mindfulness practice in itself. Because knitting by a turf fire is part of Irish Heritage. Here you have the tools to recreate that.
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  • Born & Bred Wee Cottage Incense Burner

    The perfect wee cottage for any home. Set your cone on the base of the cottage. Light the tip of the cone and allow to burn for 15 seconds.. then blow out. Place the cottage back on the base and enjoy your wee turf fires as smoke gently curls out of its chimney into your house.

  • The Home Moment Candle

    Taking you home to the unique smell of a turf fire, a rich and comforting earthy aroma of soft precious cedarwood, patchouli infused with spices, amber, rose, vetiver, vanilla, and moss.

  • Eriu Knit Set 

    Make your own Flower of Life hat from sustainable Irish luxury yarn. Be a goddess like Eriu, who the company is named after. This knit kit combines heritage, craft and mindfulness.