The Seaward range is a tribute to our cherished beach walks along the Connemara coastline.

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A bottle of Kanu Pinotage Rosé drunk while bathing in WASI seaweed is a decadent, glorious thing to do. You could always have the bath first and then relax with the wine afterwards. We’ll leave that up to you.
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  • WASI Seaweed Bath

    A ritual you can create at home with this spa bath which can be used three times before becoming a fertilizer for your garden.

  • The Home Moment Self Love Candle

    Show your Love with the Self Love candle. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without.

Kanu Angelina Brut

Winemakers Tasting Notes:

Vivid pale salmon pink with a beautiful mousse train. A pronounced fruit structure of pomegranate and cranberries invites further exploration. The palate shows depth of fruit, raspberries in particular, with a balanced tartness. The finish is long and dry with lingering berry notes.