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Introducing Mike Fellows: Renowned as a Master Blade Smyth, his creations are in high demand among global knife collectors. He specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind bespoke projects, including unique chef knives.

Featured Artist

Connemara Wine & Design Co. proudly collaborates with Mike Fellows to showcase his artistry to the world. Mike, a family friend, has moved from South Africa to Ireland in recent years.

My knifemaking career had it's beginnings around Sept of 1993, I made only miniatures on a part time basis for about five years, and it was only towards the end of 1998 that I commenced fulltime on fullsize knives. Soon after that I indulged in experimenting with damascus steel and relying on my technical skills from an engineering background, I soon produced my very first billet, which I used for a small subhilt fighter.

My first and only mokume I made, was also used on the same knife which I still own today. I make only damascus knives, always striving for new and interesting patterns for my steel. I use mainly SK5 spring steel and nickel for certain damascus patterns, and for the more intricate patterns of mosaic designs, I use steel powder and nickel, sometimes I would also use EN 45 spring steel.

The metals I use for my knife handles, would include, mild steel stainless steel, nickel silver, brass, bronze, copper, damascus steel, titanium and nickel. The organic materials for knife handles would include, a various types of ivory, mother of pearl, black coral (for some miniature handles), animal horns and various indigenous woods.

Exclusive to Connemara

Connemara Wine & Design Co. has proudly commissioned Mr Fellows to manufacture chef knives with our logo imprinted. To pre-order please contact us.

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